An Artist's Journey:  Dancing & Painting

I am a dancer and a painter.  Although I am an artist with Cerebral Palsy, my greatest challenges are always artistic.  Exploring my skills in art is joyful since it assists me to open up.


My paintings are an emotional response to my imagination. I paint images of landscapes and water from memory and the experience of that moment.

Painting is an emotional and intuitive experience for me and I often portray water, trees, gardens, flowers, animals, and insects to create a world where dreams, insensible desires, and the angelic come into play. I enjoy using oils because of the way they lay with certainty on the canvas. I also paint with watercolours, oil pastel, and watercolour pencil to create multi-layered works.

I am also a dancer.  My cerebral palsy does create certain physical challenges.  Tension doesn’t allow my muscles to move easy but can be controlled by relaxation.  The process of relaxation brings my body in the straight line and use deep breath, I see my art as a deep uttering of aliveness and alteration . I hope to bring those who encounter my work on a delightful journey of self-discovery that disclose the ever-changing dance between the world around us and the one within.